All Ely4off’s public results are available for download

With the aim to respect the FCH JU’s mission to raise awareness on achievements and exchanging know-how on key results about hydrogen-related project, the Ely4off’s consortium has made available for download all the project’s public deliverables. Ely4off has fulfilled its mission to develop and test an off-grid electrolysis system linked to the green energy sources. […]

400 kg of green H2 produced during the Final Meeting

The final meeting of the FCH JU ELY4OFF ( project has taken place on 26 September 2019 in Huesca in the premises of FHa in Huesca. With the participation of all the stakeholders involved in the project, the final meeting took place to discuss the details of the on-going activities and to qualify the results […]

ELY4OFF Final Workshop – Solution for off-grid Green H2 production

Event canceled The final workshop of the FCH JU ELY4OFF ( project will take place on 18 September 2019 in Brussels (FCH JU premises). The ELY4OFF project aims to design and engineer a robust, flexible, highly efficient and cost-competitive PEM water electrolyser. The main objective of the workshop is to share the results of the […]

247 kilograms of renewable hydrogen produced by now during demonstration phase

The production of green hydrogen continues being at this moment in the middle stage of the demonstration phase. The main goal of this period is to demonstrate the reliability of the system, optimizing the overall efficiency and the autonomy. Since the beginning of the demonstration in March 2019, 247 kilograms of renewable hydrogen have been […]

Ely4Off project organizes its first workshop in Huesca

This workshop took place in Huesca, Spain on 23 of May. It was organized in collaboration with the FCHJU ELYNTEGRATION project. The main objective of the workshop was to promote and facilitate a first exchange of views about the integration of Renewable Electricity through applications of water electrolysis technology. The joint event brought together key […]

ELY4OFF achieves the first hydrogen production from renewable sources

The production of green hydrogen by photovoltaic energy has begun this Wednesday, a few weeks before the start of the demonstration period The demonstration period of the project is about to start, and the first test producing hydrogen has been a success. The 62.4 kW of photovoltaic power has fed the PEM electrolyser during a […]

ELY4Off is published in the world’s largest resource for scholarly publications

The article introduces the project and explains how it is pushing polymer electrolyte membrane water electrolyser technology to new levels with a view to achieving a greener future The first publication of the project has been made in a prestigious searchable database, Ingenta Connect. The content is totally public and can be found clicking here. […]

ELY4OFF reaches the second year of development and the assembly and commissioning are about to start

It will take place in the facilities of Aragon Hydrogen Foundation during the following months   After two years of technical development, technological innovation and different studies, the project is progressing according to the planned schedule and its assembly and commissioning is foreseen to be carried out during May and July. The specific location and […]

Ely4Off works out its first Business Development Plan with the support of the European Commission

The partners of the project have celebrated a Workshop at the headquarters of the Aragon Hydrogen Foundation, Huesca, in a key meeting about the feasible Business Development Plan in the Ely4Off under the direction of an expert in the field The European Commission grants a special service to the projects with good prospects for the […]