ELY4OFF achieves the first hydrogen production from renewable sources

Sep 19, 2018 by ely4off Category: Notas Prensa 0 comments

The production of green hydrogen by photovoltaic energy has begun this Wednesday, a few weeks before the start of the demonstration period

The demonstration period of the project is about to start, and the first test producing hydrogen has been a success. The 62.4 kW of photovoltaic power has fed the PEM electrolyser during a test monitored by technicians from UK and Spain, producing green hydrogen to check the correct behaviour of the system.

This is an important advance within the project, bringing local hydrogen production through renewable sources in a totally off-grid environment closer to future stakeholders. The project will boost different business scenarios for hydrogen, including electrification of isolated areas, development of Hydrogen Refuelling Stations with local production or injection into the gas grid.

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