Ely4Off project organizes its first workshop in Huesca

May 28, 2019 by ely4off Category: Notas Prensa 0 comments Tags: ely4off, workshop

This workshop took place in Huesca, Spain on 23 of May. It was organized in collaboration with the FCHJU ELYNTEGRATION project.

The main objective of the workshop was to promote and facilitate a first exchange of views about the integration of Renewable Electricity through applications of water electrolysis technology. The joint event brought together key industry stakeholders, potential end-users and technology developers for knowledge sharing.

The event provided a forum to discuss the latest technological innovations. Key discussions were involved sharing challenges and opportunities related to hydrogen production from water electrolysis. The workshop also provided the best platform to explore potential collaborations.

All the Ely4Off partners attended to the workshop and had an active part in this event, by presenting their actions carried out in the project and by participating and also moderating different round tables during the meeting.

Download the workshop program from here.

Workshop presentations

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