247 kilograms of renewable hydrogen produced by now during demonstration phase

Aug 01, 2019 by ely4off Category: Notas Prensa 0 comments Tags: ely4off, european project

The production of green hydrogen continues being at this moment in the middle stage of the demonstration phase. The main goal of this period is to demonstrate the reliability of the system, optimizing the overall efficiency and the autonomy.

Since the beginning of the demonstration in March 2019, 247 kilograms of renewable hydrogen have been produced in fully off-grid configuration. The production of hydrogen is strongly dependent on climate conditions, showing huge variations in the daily production. To date, the best day in terms of hydrogen production was the 29th of May, when 6.1 kilograms of renewable hydrogen were produced.

Due to the off-grid configuration of the system, many modifications in the control have been implemented, in order to ensure the efficient matching of the time-varying electrolyser load and power generation profiles.

The demonstration period and the project will finish on September 2019; when several public reports will be launched, aiming at gathering the results obtained during the project not only in terms of technical achievements but also the outcome of the assessment of different business cases and scenarios where the off-grid electrolysis system can be feasible.

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