ELY4OFF reaches the second year of development and the assembly and commissioning are about to start

It will take place in the facilities of Aragon Hydrogen Foundation during the following months


After two years of technical development, technological innovation and different studies, the project is progressing according to the planned schedule and its assembly and commissioning is foreseen to be carried out during May and July. The specific location and actions are clearly defined and as result hydrogen will be produced in an off-grid environment achieving high efficiencies and autonomous control.

The assembly of the equipment is scheduled for the end of June. To the installations already existing in the Foundation, such as the Walqa Hydrogen Refuelling Station and the photovoltaic field specifically built for the project some months ago, the following elements will be added: a 56 kW PEM electrolyser manufactured by ITM (partner of the project), an ultra-efficient DC/DC conversion stage designed by Epic Power, a cabin that will house the necessary microgrid to keep the equipment active (developed by FHa) when there is no photovoltaic generation and a hydrogen connection to the existing facilities line that will allow the storage and use of the green hydrogen produced..

Ely4Off facilities for the renewable hydrogen production.

During the first 2 years of the project different public documents have been published on its website, including “Benchmarking of energy storage technologies for RES off-grid installations”, “Indicators and test definition” and “Development of subsystems for off grid integration”. In a less technical way, “Guidelines and recommendations to overcome RCS barriers” and “Quality Management Plan”. In addition, first version of new business model is also available and further studies are expected soon.

The demo period is foreseen to begin in August, and it will last until March 2019 when the project comes to an end.


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