Key meeting to design the integration of the different components in the ELYOFF system

Nov 09, 2017 by ely4off Category: Uncategorized 0 comments

 Partners of the WP4  from the Ely4Off project (FHA, EPIC POWER, INYCOM) have defined the stages of conversion so that the system has a more versatile behaviour in a key meeting

An important meeting took place the 25th of October in Epic Power facilities between the main partners of the WP4, which objective is the de Design, engineering and validation for OFF-Grid integration.

The topic of the meeting highlighted the design of the different conversion stages that are required to guaranteed its quick response (milliseconds) in case the backup systems should start working immediately as well as for the correct supply of the BoP Electrolyser by the photovoltaic field after the conversions stage of Epic Power.

The new designs improve those previously considered so that all conversion stages are optimized and a continuous supply is guaranteed in all circumstances, ensuring a rapid response in case of blackout or similar events.


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